Reserve your table in Heist-o/d-Berg

In order to give everyone the chance to find a place in Eetkafee, we reserve our tables more than once a night. The expected departure time is stated in your confirmation e-mail.

After your visit, you can catch up in café 't Hoekske next to' t Eetkafee. Do you wish to stay longer? Send us a message via the "view your reservation" button in your confirmation email and we will adjust your end time for you.

You can also immediately send special requests or points for attention. We try to take this into account as far as possible.

You can always make a reservation for all days after today. For today's evening itself, reservations can only be made online until 4:00 p.m. After 4.00 pm, reservations for the coming evening can only be made by calling 015 / 24.26.28.

If Heist's Eetkafee no longer has room, try fifteen minutes later about the past. If there is still no place, check if you can still go to the Eetkafee in Aarschot. The range is the same, but the environment is different ...

This system centralises the reservations automatically. Making a reservation via a normal e-mail message is therefore not advisable because the reservation risks being lost

Reservations cannot be made on the terrace. You can reserve inside a table, if there is room outside you can always take a seat there. Then give a signal to the service department.

Reserve your table in Heist-o/d-Berg